Future Gadgets & Technology

As many of you already know, quality content + search engine optimization (SEO) = rankings for your targeted keywords (more website traffic). Since proper SEO can be quite expensive and there is no way a small-time blogger like me can afford professional SEO services, I use something that is just as effective [if not more […]

Since technology is continually improving on both sides of the spectrum, it has been easier for criminals to generate counterfeit bills to use at their leisure. For this reason, the US Government has decided to improve the latest $100 bill yet again and make it nearly impossible to duplicate (at least for the time being). […]

Microsoft has recently announced an impressive addition to their popular X-Box video game system which will replace the standard controllers. Project Natal, as they call it, is the future gaming technology we have been waiting for and has built in motion sensors that allows users to act out their movesĀ  instead of having to press […]

For the past couple of years the world’s top space program NASA has been working on a future design for the very first personal flying suit. The puffin, as they call it, measures to be approximately 12 feet in length with a 15 foot wingspan. The aircraft module would land vertically, allowing for a person […]

Now that more and more 3D movies have been starting to come out (A Christmas Carol, Avatar, Alice & Wonderland, etc.) is the future technology of home televisions headed the same way? Can we expect to start seeing the next generation gaming consoles to be in 3-D as well? You better believe it and companies […]

Bookstore giant Barnes & Noble just announced today the release of their future eBook reader known as the Nook, and they are already taking orders. Priced competitively at $259, the Nook costs pretty much the same as the once popular Kindle, but offers a whole lot more. Check out some of the coolest specs the […]

Imagine being able to unlock your car doors and start your car engine with the wave of your hand. Imagine being able to make all of your purchases without your purse, wallet, checkbook, or credit card. Pretty soon, you may not have to imagine that at all, thanks to the advanced technology of RFID (radio […]

Sony, one of the world’s top companies in cool gadgets and technology, has announced a new, advanced lithium-ion battery that will last almost 4 times as long as the standard lithium ion battery. This future battery is also said to be able to charge to maximum capacity in just 30 minutes, not to mention that […]

The company Live Wire has recently come out with an electrical circuit test that can be used to detect intermittent fault conditions, or in other words, detect electrical components that aren’t working properly. This cutting-edge technology works by transmitting small signals into high-noise environments, such as power grids and telecom networks, and monitoring even the […]

Rumor has it that Sony has designed a newer, slimmer play station 3 in hopes of boosting console sales. No one really knows if there will be any additional modifications to the system and most believe that just the design will be different. The previous version, Play Station II, has outsold the newer one by […]