Future Gadgets & Technology

One of the Air Force’s latest futuristic inventions, the Pain Ray (also known as the Active Denial System), has been designed for effective crowd control measures, acting similar to tear gas. The “Pain Ray” emits a powerful radiation beam that causes victims to feel a burning sensation and will send people running for cover. The […]

With all the trending smart phones and smart cars, the military decided that they wanted in on the smart technology and began designing this future weapon with state-of-the-art capabilities. The XM25 rifle, equipped with smart bullets, can do a wide array of tasks without the assistance of other high-tech weapons. Check out the list of […]

Since this picture is super-cool, I decided to make it extra large. This bad boy is called the MP7A1 and is an upgraded version of the MP5. What’s the upgrade you might ask? First of all, consider this: the MP5 only can use bullets with the same strength of a 9 mm pistol, not quite […]

Developed in the United Kingdom, the Wasp knife packs a punch greater than any other knife on the planet. This innovative little knife basically explodes inside the victim, destroying vital organs and causing a deadly blow. This knife was developed for self-defense against predators of greater size, such as sharks and bears. Yes, this knife […]

As technological advances excel by the minute, we get a deeper look into what may used in future wars regarding weaponry. This electromagnetic gun is an example of what may be used in a few years time. Currently, the U.S. Navy has been testing an electromagnetic railgun that can project a 7 pound object at […]