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Here is a compiled list of websites that allow you to generate unique content with potential to earn money, including a residual income. With regards to which of these works the best, I’ll let you guys decide on that one, but I will say that I’ve heard promising things from eHow. Check them out.

  • www.ehow.com
  • www.squidoo.com
  • www.infobarrel.com
  • www.hubpages.com
  • www.youbundle.com
  • www.xomba.com
  • www.triond.com
  • www.bukisa.com

Let me know if I’m missing any and how these sites have worked out for you. Thanks.

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Ive been using Infobarrel for a few months now and I’ve been able to supplement my income quite nicely. I earn enough to pay for my monthly car insurance.

My next goal is my car payment!

I can read about this stuff all day long, thanks for the write up my friend!

There are so many resources like this over the internet, but im glad i found on this site .Easy to read and get to the point directly. Very very useful. Thank you very much.

omgg! i want to get this page savd inside ipod touch that way my mother can see it, but i cannot find a way.. will any 1 explain to me how please??

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