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transition-airplaneCall it the Transition, one of the first modern cars with flying capabilities.  Taking only 30 seconds to transform from car to airplane, the Transition can fly at up to speeds of 115 mph. Not bad for a car. Some of the specs included are these: it burns 5 gallons of gasoline per hour, the car holds a total of 20 gallons, and gets up to 30 mpg on the freeway – 15 more than my SUV! (For a full list of the specs click “here“)

Now onto the bigger question: how much does it (or will it) cost? Estimates have been set at approximately $194,000 and the release date is set for 2010. Kind of exciting to see, especially since there’s hope the price will drop in years to come as competition arises.

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Hey I was wondering about our driving licenses…i mean would one be allowed to drive such cars with G class !!

Haha, good question. That is kind of a scary thing to envision. I mean, one bad driver crashing into you while in the air would be fatal :/

Finally some progress with the flying cars, seems they are 20 years overdue by now!

Great idea if only a couple people in your city have one. Terrible idea if they plan on selling them ‘Henry Ford’ style. You can’t paint lane lines in the air.

I think mass personal air transportation, won’t work until we have ‘virtual pipes’ in our airspace. Flying cars will fly automatically by computers to the destination through a complicated maze ‘virtual pipes’. Thousands of manually controlled flying cars flying at once will cause daily terrible crashes…considering how drivers are behaving today

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