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Is the future of cars headed towards water powered cars, or is this just wishful thinking? Japanese car company Genepax has recently unveiled a mini car that supposedly runs purely on H2O. How it works is by using a built-in energy generator that extracts hydrogen molecules from water and converts them into electrons, which are then used to power the vehicle.

Many people are still skeptical about this design, saying that such a water-powered car would require more than just water and that it has too many limitations (such as speed and safety). While this eco-friendly car seems ideal in solving the world’s oil crisis, only Japan will start manufacturing the Genepax and will set the starting price at roughly $18,000. This water-powered car is also said to reach speeds of up to 50 mph and acheive almost 200 miles per gallon of water.

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What an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing

Thanks for posting such a good information. Wow someone really knows how to make news.

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