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Microsoft has recently announced an impressive addition to their popular X-Box video game system which will replace the standard controllers. Project Natal, as they call it, is the future gaming technology we have been waiting for and has built in motion sensors that allows users to act out their movesĀ  instead of having to press buttons. So if you are playing a fighting game (such as Street Fighter) you will actually have to do some physical kicks and punches in order to defeat your opponent. Project Natal is like a Nintendo Wii 2.0 – instead of having to swing around your controller you can just use your body, and no more worrying about cracking your new plasma TV. This new technology is also supposed to be equipped with voice and facial recognition software, which I’m assuming is used to distinguish between two players and keep track of player profiles.

Nintendo had better be prepared to answer back when Microsoft releases this future technology, or any hope for more Wii sales will be obliterated (assuming Project Natal turns out to be accurate and practical). The new gaming device is projected to be released near the end of 2010, just in time for the holidays, and has been speculated to cost somewhere around $100. There have also been some rumors going around as to whether 1 or 2 people will be able to use the gaming sensors simultaneously, but most signs point to 2 players. Exciting times for us video gamers!

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I’ve been following Project Natal, they haven’t given much info out lately but they do give little tidbits of info every now and then. Looks really interesting, possibly competition for the Wii.

Only $100??? Sounds like wishful thinking to me :S

Cant wait…sounds like there is much out there for professional gamers than jst the clicking, maybe actual kickin will do the trick in this upcoming model.

The future of gaming is going to be awesome! I cant wait to actually be in the game!

True that. I cant wait for the headsets that will be out in the future that will make you feel like you are in the game! Kinda like the movie Avatar! :D

This project natal was really cool then, I really love how the Wii works it not just refresh our brain but also it will serves as an exercise for our body, plus voice recognition really rocks for this technology!

whoooaaa!!! awesome!!! so how much is it gonna be? i think i better start saving up. this is hella good news :D

wow, thats incredible… no controllers! must check out this when its available.

WOW!ITS AWESOME !I cant belive it.Amazing stuff.It is good news for me,becoz I love video games to play so much.

The future of gaming is here ,all must see this . The gaming process will made very interested and amazing because to good to take the trial ,want to see how it works ,desperately wait to launched in the market.

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The Nintendo Wii commenced the revolution of movement based gaming control, but they have been not the very first. The Sony PS3 remotes have had gyroscopes in the remote way ahead of the Wii was released, but the finish flexibility that Nintendo created with their WiiMote has not been beat due to the fact. For Nintendo Wii enthusiasts this new way to command the game system, is not only groundbreaking, but also a very immersive gaming experience. There has never ever been a mainstream gaming method that has introduced the entire household into the gaming motion the way that the Nintendo Wii has in the full history of console gaming.

Project Natal was a very great idea. I think it contributed much to the gaming industry. It provided a breath of fresh air from usual gaming consoles with almost-the-same gaming experience.

Whatever happened to project Natal? Did it get renamed as the Kinect??

Whatever happened to Natal? Did the Wii replace it or something?

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