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future wasp knife

Developed in the United Kingdom, the Wasp knife packs a punch greater than any other knife on the planet. This innovative little knife basically explodes inside the victim, destroying vital organs and causing a deadly blow. This knife was developed for self-defense against predators of greater size, such as sharks and bears. Yes, this knife can be used in both environments, and was originally intended to serve as protection for divers.

How does it work? Quite simply, to be honest. Attached to the handle of the knife lies a CO2 cartridge, which can be released by pressing a small button on the knife. All you have to do is thrust the knife into something and press the little button and KABOOMY. To see the Wasp knife in action, click here. This deadly toy will run you about $3-400, so it’s really only for people who tangle with mother nature.

Note: Don’t use this knife at the dinner table.

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Why show a picture of a ballistic knife? It looks nothing like a wasp knife.

Forgive me good sir, does this suffice?

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