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The future of weaponry: electormagnetic guns.

As technological advances excel by the minute, we get a deeper look into what may used in future wars regarding weaponry. This electromagnetic gun is an example of what may be used in a few years time. Currently, the U.S. Navy has been testing an electromagnetic railgun that can project a 7 pound object at up to 7 times the speed of sound (faster than olympian Usain Bolt!). With such an invention, it would be possible to shoot up heavily armored tanks and planes from miles away. Although no one really knows when such weaponry will be ready for use, one can only assume such a thing will be ready in a matter of years.

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I’ve read somewhere that the Army has patented a portable electromagnetic rail gun. The device, which propels a bullet by applying an intense electromagnetic pulse, is similar to weapons under research for use in space against missiles. The Army said the gun could fire a bullet four times as fast as an M-16, and rip apart a steel plate.

This idea is cool… rail gun is already in the movie – transformers 2

What about seismic weaponry?

ive seen some stuff man, and some things. i think guns are bad unless ur using them on the innocent.

say what?

i think he just crazy… but anyways
this idea seems pretty good… but how will they power it? a battery can only hold so much power

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